If used correctly, Google can generate plenty of quality visitors for your website. There are practices that you can use to make sure your website is optimized for search engines, such as Google. It’s important to take actions that will see that Google is happy with your website and will reward you by giving it a high ranking.

A word of warning; some of the points here are a bit technical, but we’ve done our best to explain them as clearly as possible. Once you wrap your head around these ideas you can benefit from them.

1. Get a Link Audit


Every now and then Google runs updates which can affect your rankings in the search engine. It’s important that you don’t wait for updates which could potentially negatively impact your website before doing a link audit. An audit looks at your links to see if they are good quality and makes sure that you aren’t linking to any pages that could be spam.

Utilize a search engine optimization organization or an online device to have a link audit done. A review can put your mind at ease and let you know if there are any links on your site that Google could label ‘unnatural links’. On the off chance that you do find potential issues, you will have the opportunity to address them ahead of any updates.

By running an audit on your links you will be able to find out the number of links that are from good versus low quality locales. Furthermore, who is really interfacing to you? On the off chance that you discover joins from spam or low quality locales, you can email the site and appeal for the connection to be removed.

If you do find low quality links, make a note of them. Stay informed regarding everybody you have messaged and when. You may require this data if Google were to punish you for the quality of your links.

There are various SEO devices you can use to screen your backlinks. Pick your favourite and remember to do link audits on a consistent basis.

Tools: So, what tools can you use? Here is a selected list :

a) Google Webmaster Tools

b)  Open Site Explorer

c)  Moz

d) Majestic SEO


2. Don’t Engage in Spammy Link Building


Don’t purchase links, ever! This is a practice offered by, for the most part, spammers and Google has been on top of it since the arrival of the Penguin upgrade in 2012. Quality content is super important to rank highly in Google. Purchasing connections is similar to buying a huge pack of fake jewelry over a 24-carat diamond. They’re both really glossy, however, true worth stands out.

Don’t spam different sites with connections. If you consider SEO important, you must steer totally clear of doing this. Obviously, do not hesitate to comment on different websites, however, only incorporate links in your comments if it will provide real value to other websites.

Do not use automatic external link establishment instruments. The connections these instruments develop will end up being pointless or even counterproductive at the end of the day. They may get you a spike in your page ranking at the beginning, on the grounds that they will construct a considerable measure of connections. However, these will eventually be marked as spam and you will end up paying for it in the long run.

For more information to ensure you’re your sites link profile complies with Google best practices, visit Google’s best practice here : https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/66356?hl=en


3. Use Google’s Webmaster Tools


What better way to make Google happy than to use its tools. Among the various software programmes by Google is the Webmaster Tools. This is an important toolkit to use as it helps you see your website the way that Google sees it. Its features include showing you what pages have been indexed, who is linking to your website and what your most popular keywords are. If you use Webmaster Tools you have a better chance at ranking well in Google.

Using Webmaster Tools on your website will help you run successful marketing campaigns. The toolkit allows you to search statistics on Google, access the latest data on incoming and external links, send notifications if your site has any crawl errors and malware issues, shows the keywords you are targeting and if they are effective and gives insights into indexing activity on your website. Webmaster Tools is an excellent resource to take advantage of and will help you succeed online.


4. Utilize Google Analytics 



Another tool created by the search engine is Google Analytics. A web statistics service, Google Analytics allows you to see how many people are visiting your site, exactly what pages they are going to and where the traffic is coming from. It also has a bunch of other advanced services. The service is free and works by placing a piece of Javascript in your HTML code, which loads when a visitor comes to pages of your website.

Understanding your customers is such an important aspect of business. With Google Analytics you can find out the core set of keywords your visitors type to find your website. You can also identify which pages and links your visitors click the most, which will allow you to find out the most popular pages on your website and whether the way your website is set up is directing traffic to the correct pages. Google Analytics also provides information on new and returning visitors and shows where they are located in the world. All this information is extremely beneficial when it comes to running a successful website.

Try out these four tips to make Google your friend. Google is an amazing invention and can benefit your website in a massive number of ways. It’s important you do everything you can to get in Google’s good books because it can make all the difference when it comes to attracting traffic to your website. We all want more traffic because more traffic means more potential customers.

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